UPDATE: Bruce Power continues with COVID-19 efforts

Graphic supplied by Bruce Power. 2019

Bruce Power continues to follow precautions against COVID-19.

One-third of the province’s electricity comes from Bruce Power.

In the latest statement, Bruce Power officials said they are working in cooperation with Unions to protect people. Extensive plans continue to be in place based on drills, exercises and scenario planning.

A response team is in place, there are increased communications with workers in regards to social distancing and self-isolation, remote work opportunities and increased cleaning measures.

“Every individual that comes on-site including our employees with questions about have we travelled in the last 14 days out of the country and if so, they are turned around and self isolate,” said John Peevers, director of communications for Bruce Power. “We are trying to make sure we limit site access and keep the people who are running the units safe so they can continue to do so.”

The site will also continue with the production of Cobalt-60, a supply used to sterilize medical equipment. The final shipments of Cobalt-60 for the first part of 2020 will be made this week.

The Life-Extension Program is continuing and the company said appropriate precautions for workers are consistent with guidance from the authorities. Bruce Power’s Unit 6 Major Component Replacement started on January 17.

Bruce Power is to hold a town hall-style meeting Thursday to discuss the situation further.

The latest on COVID-19 can be found at www.ontario.ca/coronavirus.