Construction finished on North Huron fire hall

Welcome to Blyth Sign, North End of Town (Photo by Craig Power, © 2016).

Construction has been completed on the new Blyth fire hall.

Plans for the building began about a year ago when the municipality purchased the agricultural land on the north end of town after gaining input from the community.

North Huron Reeve Bernie Bailey said firefighters have been in the space for about a month, but one department has yet to move in.

“The Public Works Department that’s going to take up the other half of the building are not in there quite yet. They should be in there within the next month. Both will be run out of there, and then  we’ll be selling off the properties that the old works department were in.”

Bailey said they finished about three months behind schedule, but everything is operating smoothly at this time.

An open house has been tentatively scheduled for May.