Huron Perth Ontario Health Team merger closer to formal designation

(Blackburn News file photo)

The CEO for the Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance says their making progress with the formation of their Ontario Health Team.

Andrew Williams said the health alliance is part of 24 potential teams that have been approved to move forward towards their formal designation.

“We’ve had a number of meetings within our partnership.” Williams said. “We’re really looking closely at ways we can strengthen our mental health addictions system, ways we can better standardize, streamline within palliative care and also patients with complex issues.”

Williams added that a big discussion right now, not only in Huron and Perth but across the province, is around governance and accountability.

“How we’re gonna make sure that these teams support the local populations but also support the partner organizations and at our HPHA board we’ve had a lot of discussion around that particular issue,” he said. “How can boards maintain their governance accountability, support the team implementation, in a way that improves care for everybody?”

Williams added that one of the challenges with all of the Ontario Health Teams is they’re bringing a lot of people and organizations together. He said each organization is doing a great job in their own sphere of influence and, as part of a new team, they’re being asked to coordinate where it makes sense.

“Patients, clients, customers, move through the system and we each touch them at a certain point and our responsibility is to make sure as they move through, they move through in the most efficient, effective way that helps their well-being. And we’re starting to see some really good opportunities between the various sectors to try and improve that.”

Williams said in doing that, they’re turning one of the challenges of working in a large team into one of the strengths of the teams.