Space to Spoon on now at the St. Marys Museum

A visitor to the St. Marys Museum checks out a display as part of the "Space to Spoon" exhibit. Photo courtesy of the St. Marys Museum.

A new exhibit on loan to the St. Marys Museum is exploring how space technology is helping Canadian farmers.

A media release says Space to Spoon “highlights the Canadian Space Agency’s Earth observation satellite, RADARSAT-2 and its cutting-edge successor, RADARSAT Constellation.”

The exhibit is on loan from the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum in Ottawa, marking the first time the St. Marys Museum has hosted a national exhibit.

“We have had the occasional visiting exhibit or an exhibit that’s been curated by a member of our community,” said museum curator and archivist Amy Cubberley. “But this is our first time getting an exhibit from a national museum in Ottawa.”

The exhibit is very hands-on and features a number of interactive elements that Cubberley says have been very popular.

“It’s high tech,” said Cubberley. “It’s definitely the most high tech exhibit we’ve had in St. Marys and there’s lots of interactive components so it’s been really popular with younger kids.”

Space to Spoon will remain on exhibit until May 7th. Admission is by donation.