Bruce and Grey Community Safety and Well-being Planning initiative launches website

Bruce County and Grey County logo.

The regional Community Safety and Well-Being Planning initiative involving municipalities in Bruce and Grey now includes a website aimed at getting public feedback.

The initiative to develop a community and well-being plan is mandated by the province and it goes beyond crime prevention to make sure there are programs in place to support residents and reduce risk factors.

As part of the initiative, a new website has been launched to keep the public informed and gather input by way of a survey.

“Members of the public can access the survey right from the website, and provide their input into items that matter to them in regards to community safety and well-being,” said Christine MacDonald, director of human services for Bruce County.

The planning initiative is designed to go beyond crime prevention and bring together police services, boards of education and 30 health and social service agencies.

“By working across sectors these strategies will help us focus on social determinants of health which will allow us to reduce risks in the community,” said MacDonald.

MacDonald said in a lot of cases there may already be programs in place to address certain risk factors.

“What this planning will do is allow us to better understand and align those priorities to ensure that we’re making the best use of the resources that we do have available in the community to address those needs,” said MacDonald.

There are 32 municipal engagement sessions planned to begin in March. Dates and times will be posted on the new website. The community safety and well-being plans must be approved by all municipal councils and available to the public by January 1, 2021.