Plans for new school in Markdale move ahead photo

The province has approved land priorities for a new school in Markdale.

That was the next step needed to push the project ahead to replace Beavercrest Community School.

The board is acquiring additional land adjacent to the current school property and the additional land will help create a construction zone that ensures the safety of the school’s existing students and staff.

The ministry has approved $6.4 million to build the new school for Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8.

“I join many in the Markdale area in their excitement as the next steps begin to unfold in building the new Beavercrest Community School. Thank you to the Ministry of Education and MPP Bill Walker for strongly supporting and recognizing the importance of a replacement facility. This extends to our staff and many municipal and community partners whose advocacy and contributions have ensured an amazing outcome for this project,” said Jim Dawson, trustee for the Township of Southgate/Municipality of Grey Highlands.

Another $2.1 million will be dedicated to creating two childcare spaces and two EarlyON spaces at the same site.

The next steps include designing the building and setting timelines.