Grey Bruce Farmers’ Week wraps for another year

People packing the room for Grey-Bruce Farmer's Week this year in Elmwood. January 3rd, 2020 (Photo by Kirk Scott)

Grey Bruce Farmers’ Week has wrapped up for another year. Seven days of speakers and presentations on the major farm commodities have been presented at the Elwood Community Centre.

Farm week is put on by Grey Agricultural Services. Coordinator Lorie Smith says it’s too early for final numbers but attendance has been as strong as ever.

“A very successful week. The speakers and the presentations and panelists were all phenomenal and it was all very well received by the people that were in the seats,” said Smith.

Smith says the event’s success is mainly because it’s farmer driven.

“We get the ideas from the evaluations and from the committee formed from farmers from the commodity groups. They tell us what they want to hear and I go run and find the speakers and the presentations to match what they want to hear. That’s why it works.”