Saugeen Ojibway Nation sets vote on nuclear waste repository

The Saugeen Ojibway Nation has scheduled a vote on Ontario Power Generation’s proposed Deep Geological Repository in Kincardine to store low and medium level nuclear waste.

Members over the age of 16 are considering the information, and the vote is set for January 31, 2020.

The repository would be built deep underground at the Bruce Power site along the shores of Lake Huron.

The project has been stalled as negotiations continued between OPG and the Saugeen Ojibway.

OPG has committed that it will not build the DGR without Saugeen Ojibway support.  And if they gain that support, there will be a full agreement to determine how the project would proceed and how Saugeen Ojibway would participate.

It would include how the project would benefit Saugeen Ojibway, how it can participate in a critical decision, and how Saugeen Ojibway would exercise their stewardship over the project including environmental monitoring and rehabilitation work.

Even if Saugeen Ojibway members say “yes,” it does not mean the project will get built. It would still need further approvals.    Technical issues could arise, or OPG could decide it is not prepared to go ahead with the project.

If the vote is “no,” the project will not go ahead.  However, a new solution for the nuclear waste storage in the territory will need to be found.