Huron’s Economomic Development department trying to find jobs for former Hyndman workers

Hyndman Transport in Wroxeter (Photo by Adam Bell)

Huron County’s Economic Development Department is attempting to match employees who are losing their jobs with Hyndmand Transport in Wroxeter with employers in the area who looking for people with their skills.

Economic Director Cody Joudry said their goal is to keep those people in the area.

“We called a large number of employers across Huron County late last week to confirm positions they had available that were maybe matching what the people who worked at Hyndman, their skill set. We developed a shortlist of those companies based on that information.”

Joudry said the list has been passed on to leaders in the Wroxeter area to be distributed among their colleagues.

Joudry added they know people have already been reaching out so they’re encouraging any employers in Huron County who have workforce challenges to contact us, not necessarily just about the Hyndman situation, but if they have employment challenges they’d like to hear from them.

Joudry said they also urge anyone in Huron County looking for employment to contact either Conestoga Career Centre or the Centre for Employment and Learning.

The Huron Economic Development Department number is 519-524-8394 ext. 3242.