Grey County will elect new head of council

2019 Grey County Warden Selwyn Hicks (photo by Kirk Scott)

Grey County Warden Selwyn Hicks is reflecting on his year as head of council.

Grey County Council will meet on Tuesday for the annual inaugural session and the election of the 2020 warden.

Hicks said over the past year, council completed wrapped up a two-year project to create a new Grey County Official Plan and will soon implement the Recreational Trails Master Plan

He added transportation projects were completed on Grey Roads 4, 9, 13 & 40, along with bridges in Holstein and Hanover.

He said council will have to try to do more with less in the coming years while addressing issues like affordable housing, public transportation, workforce attraction, mental health and addictions.

Hicks said he is humbled to be the first visible minority person to serve as Warden of this great County, after growing up malnourished in community housing in Toronto, with a learning disability.

Hicks is running for the warden’s seat again for the 2020 term. Grey Highlands Mayor Paul McQueen also plans to seek the job.