Perth-Wellington’s John Nater named Deputy House Leader

Perth-Wellington M.P. John Nater ( photo)

Perth-Wellington MP John Nater is the Conservatives’ new Deputy House Leader.

Leader Andrew Scheer unveiled his shadow cabinet Thursday afternoon.

Nater said he has the back ground for the job.    “I did my masters in public administration at Queen’s University and then started a PhD in political science as well, looking at things like procedure and parliamentary affairs.”

It’s an education he’ll put to good in his new role, explaining in a minority government, cooperation is going to be needed to pass or undertake any legislation in the House of Commons.

“There’s going to be an important coordinating affect with the opposition parties as well as with the government, to ensure we are working together as best we can, so I’m quite looking forward to that.”

Nater went on to say, “I think Canadians elected a minority parliament with the expectation that we work together and so part of the job is that the house leader will be working with the other parties to make sure we make that happen.”