Owen Sound police to put out extra patrols

Owen Sound police officers will once again be out with extra police patrols Wednesday evening and on Halloween night watching the movement of pedestrians and the safety on our roads.

Police remind motorists that they will have zero-tolerance for impaired driving, texting and driving, speeding and will enforce the laws where drivers disobey signs and traffic lights.

Parents are reminded to plan and rehearse the route that your child will be taking and to be familiar with the friends that they will be joining when going door-to-door.

Reinforce to your kids that they should never enter a stranger’s residence or go into their yard.

Visibility is important to remember! If wearing a mask, always lift it when crossing the street or while waiting for a traffic light to change and don’t run across the street from behind parked

The Owen Sound Police Service will be highly visible on Halloween and will be giving revellers some goodies that were donated by McDonald’s and Circle K.