Huron County newspaper archives to be digitized soon

(© Can Stock Photo / Paha_L)

The Huron County library has just about finished a project it started in 2016 to digitize local newspapers.

Project Coordinator Beth Knazook said they only have 16 per cent of the micro-film reels left to digitize and the website has already become very popular.

“We’re getting hits to our web site at all hours of the day and night. We’re getting activity on weekends, which means people are logging in on Saturday mornings to do a little bit of ancestry research or to google themselves in the newspapers,” she said.

That also suggests the hits are coming from all over the world and Knazook said someone from Australia wrote to thank them because they were able to use the site to track their ancestors who came from Huron County.

“Huron County is far and away leading what other Ontario public libraries are doing, so I think there’s opportunities there for us to maybe partner with other libraries in the future, or other counties, offer our expertise,” she said.

Knazook added they do not want to start charging for use of the web site because that would defeat the original purpose of making it free for people to use.