Saugeen Shores needs your votes in the Kraft Heinz Project Play Competition

A marathon voting blitz is getting underway this weekend in Saugeen Shores and it has nothing to do with the federal election.

The Lamont Sports Park in Port Elgin is one of four finalists for the Kraft Heinz Project Play grand prize of $250,000, which will be determined through online voting, starting at noon Friday.

Saugeen Shores Deputy Mayor Don Matheson said it took a full community effort to have their nomination rise above the rest of Canada, and it will take an even bigger effort to secure first place.

Matheson said municipal staff will be keeping The Plex in Port Elgin open around-the-clock this weekend, with volunteers running a voting station for people to stop by and vote.

“Everybody can go online to, register and vote as many times as you want,” said Matheson. “We’ll also have a voting section set up at [The Plex] in Port Elgin, we have over 20 laptops set up for people who don’t have it at home, vote as much as you can, if your kids are playing hockey, come in and vote as much as you can.”

Saugeen Shores is up against communities in B.C. and Saskatchewan, as well as Nepean, Ont. and Matheson said the unlimited voting structure will help Saugeen Shores compete with larger communities.

“You look at one of the places we’re going against, Nepean, they have a population of over 100,000, this is how we get to compete,” said Matheson. “It’s community involvement and we have a great community.”

The Lamont Sports Park is a former gravel pit located on Concession 6 at the south end of Port Elgin and will initially contain baseball diamonds in an effort to alleviate the community’s shortage of diamonds.

Voting opens at noon Friday and runs until Sunday at noon.