Coastal Action Plan ready for release by year’s end

Lake Huron shoreline

The Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation plans to release it’s Coastal Action Plan by mid-December.

Stewardship Coordinator Hannah Cann said they’ve spent the last three years studying the different eco-systems along the Sarnia to Tobermory shoreline and determined the stressors in each of those ecosystems.

“Common threats that are affecting our shoreline include point and non-point source pollution. This includes plastic pollution and different types of nutrient input. And then we have threats like habitat loss and degradation through land-use changes,” she said.

Cann added one of the most common threats along the entire shoreline is invasive species.

“These recommendations are non-regulatory but they are science-based recommendations that will enable informed decision-making on land uses and how we manage our coastline,” she said. “So these best management practices may already be in use in some areas of the coast and could be adopted in other areas.”

A draft of the plan is posted on the centre’s website.

Cann said they’ll take public comments on the draft plan and incorporate those into the final document.