Consultant pours cold water on South Huron’s proposed hotel project

(photo courtesy © Can Stock Photo / pressmaster)

The mayor of South Huron is still optimistic they can find a partner for a hotel in the municipality.

A presentation from a consultant to South Huron council questioned the viability of a hotel, given the number of people in South Huron and the number of events in the community that would attract enough visitors to support a hotel.

The consultant also raised concerns about the size of the hotel being proposed, suggesting that a hotel with only 60 to 65 rooms — as the municipality is proposing — would not generate enough revenue to recover costs.

Mayor George Finch said council would like to see a hotel in the community.

“It would be an economic driver to the community,” he said. “But it’ll come down to the needs of the public as far as is there a need for one, and I’m very hopeful that somebody would like to work with us on that.”