Bluewater ETFO members discuss labour action photo

Members of the Bluewater chapter of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario will take part in confidential meetings this week.

Bluewater is one of 76 locals meeting across the province to discuss central bargaining issues and conduct a central strike vote.

The president of the Permanent Teachers’ bargaining unit, Julie Stanley, said if bargaining is unsuccessful, there would first be conciliation and a No Board Report.

“We’re not at a strike position yet, but certainly taking the strike vote shows that we want to move along in the process, and we’re wanting to get a fair deal negotiated as quickly as we can for our members and for our students,” she said.

There are two bargaining meetings scheduled for this week, and one in November. The results of the vote are expected in early November.

The ETFO is asking members to support bargaining priorities like more support for students with special needs, class size and class structure and the protection of full-day kindergarten.

The Bluewater Teachers Local has over 700 members employed as elementary teachers by the Bluewater District School Board. ETFO’s goal is to reach an agreement at the central bargaining table without having to take job action.