Tax discount for vacant or unused property in Huron County may disappear

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Huron County is looking at phasing out the property tax rebate for commercial and industrial vacant or excess land.

Treasurer Michael Blumhagen said that in December of 2017, County Council approved the three-year phase-out of the vacant unit rebate program, but did not address vacant land.

“The property valuations take into account that that land is undeveloped and therefore the reduction is somewhat redundant. The province has already made a move through 2020 to eliminate the reduction for the education tax portion, so we’ve identified that and we’re hoping to be consistent with what the province is doing,” said Blumhagen.

In the past, some people have seen the 30 per cent discount on empty units and on vacant land as an incentive for owners not to develop.

Blumhagen said it’s something that they’re hoping will encourage more development and growth in the tax base across the county.