Demand for ice time part of South Huron’s Recreation Plan update

( file photo)

South Huron Council is in the process of preparing a new recreation plan, and one of the most contentious issues is whether the plan should include one or two ice pads.

The existing second pad is in the Stephen Township Arena, but Mayor George Finch said that building is 55 years old.

Some councillors expressed the hope that the Stephen Township rink could still serve as the second ice pad, while others argued for a second pad at the South Huron Rec. Centre, beside the existing pad.

Mayor Finch said the cost, and estimated demand and usage would be factors. Council has asked for clarification on conflicting reports of how much ice time would be available at the Hensall and Zurich arenas.

“Demand will be one of the factors, of course.  It will all come down to a full discussion among council to see where we go, next steps.  There’s really no deadline other than the grant application in mid-November,” said Finch. “That’s the biggest challenge at this point, to make sure we meet that deadline.”

The grant application deadline is November 12.