Blyth Lion’s Club proposes recreational use for property

( file photo)

Several Blyth Lion’s Club members attended North Huron Council Monday evening to show support for building a new recreational facility on a portion of land that is currently owned by the municipality.

John Stewart has been a member of the club for 45 years, and made a presentation on behalf of club members, where he noted the Lion’s Park in Blyth is actually three different pieces of land, with one that was expropriated by North Huron within the last five years.

There was some dissatisfaction with the process of the land passing to the township, but Director of Finance Donna White assured Stewart that notices were printed in local newspapers to make everyone aware of the expropriation process taking place.

Stewart said many of the club members felt that after the township acquired the land, it would be gifted back to the club, but this was ultimately not the case.

The proposal presented to council includes an outdoor court for basketball and an area for outdoor hockey or skating.

North Huron council decided to push any decision on the proposal or the property to a later date, with staff using that time to prepare a report on housing needs in the municipality.