Decision on Listowel Memorial Arena expected soon

The Listowel Memorial Arena. (Photo by Ryan Drury)

North Perth council is getting closer to making a decision on the future of the Listowel Memorial Arena.

After numerous public open houses, and an online poll, Interim Director of Recreation Amy Gangl said the community and the Recreation Department have narrowed down three choices for council to consider.

“In no particular order, building demolition and re-purposing the property, maintaining the facility for the municipal and community programs and events, and building demolition and sale of a portion of the property with the other portion being re-purposed,” she said.

Gangl said the public and user groups made it clear that the “memorial” aspect of the building must be respected no matter what choice is made.

“We want to make sure council has all the information, that they’ve had time to really listen to their citizens, which is a very important and key part for what they want for this, and then that helps them make a decision for what’s best for the community,” said Gangl.

North Perth council will make a final decision at a future meeting.