Stratford company doing it’s part to keep plastics out of landfills

Adirondack chairs manufactured by C.R. Plastic Products of Stratford, using 100% recycled plastic. (photo supplied)

A Stratford company has become a model for successfully recycling certain plastic products.

Meaghan Robinson, the Marketing Director for C.R. Plastic Products was the guest speaker at the Huron County Water Protection Steering Committee meeting focusing on Plastic Pollution.

“We have a vertically integrated, very large facility, where we actually take plastics in, we grind them down, mix in pigments, we put them into overhead blenders and extrude our own lumber that makes outdoor furniture that lasts for years,” Robinson said.

Meaghan Robinson – Marketing Director, C. R. Plastic Products, Stratford (Bob Montgomery photo)

“We divert over six million recycled bottle caps from landfill alone. We have 579 recycled milk jugs in one Adirondack chair and we have 27,000 bottle caps in one of our other Adirondack chairs.”

Robinson said they’ve been in business for over 25 years, and now sell their products all over the world.