Site plan revealed for new Elma Logan Recreation Complex addition

Monkton Arena ( photo by Ryan Drury)

The site plan for the new Elma Logan Recreation Complex addition was presented to North Perth Council Monday night.

The addition will be built onto the arena in Monkton and will feature an EarlyON childcare centre, as well as a new library.

North Perth Clerk Pat Berfelz said the facility will have a unique new feature as well.

“A new family grouping childcare setting that’s new to North Perth and actually fairly new to the province, so I think it’s excellent that it’s going to be happening here in North Perth,” said Berfelz.

On top of the new EarlyON centre and library, Berfelz said the facility will also feature a tech-savvy community room.

“It’s going to provide an opportunity for someone just to sit and enjoy reading a newspaper, from the ability to access the internet to do homework, or just an area for youth to come together and enjoy the technology,” said Berfelz.

Berfelz said the room will be open in conjunction with the arena hours and will be open for use to anyone.  She said the decision to attach it to the existing arena in Monkton will make it easier to access for services and for staff as well.

“It’s more feasible, and it’s easier to operate now that we have it all in one complex. Staff will all be working together, and we’ll just see efficiencies happen because of the opportunity to collaborate.”

The project is up for tender now, and the facility should be up and running sometime in 2020.