Perth Wellington Conservative candidate opens campaign offices

Perth Wellington Conservative candidate John Nater

Perth–Wellington Conservative candidate John Nater says he is offering a positive change in Ottawa, backed by experience.

The incumbent conservative candidate was busy yesterday opening campaign offices throughout the region.

The day started by opening the Stratford office at 327 Erie St. S. Then Nater opened his Listowel office on Main St. W.  He wrapped up the day with the official opening in Mount forest on Main Street North.

First elected in 2015, Nater said he believes in the importance of service. He and his staff have worked tirelessly to provide outstanding service to every constituent in every corner of the riding.

“This election is not about the parties, or the leaders, or even the candidates,” Nater said. “Locally, it’s about the people of Perth-Wellington. It’s about our future—the strength of our communities, our values, and the country our kids will inherit.”

“It’s been an honour to represent them,” Nater said. “But now it’s time for a government that respects them, and actually makes it possible for every family to get ahead. That’s what Andrew Scheer is offering, and I’m proud to be part of the Conservative team.”

Nater said he believes the campaign will revolve around two main questions: which party, and which leader, should people trust to take on serious national challenges; and which local candidate has shown the ability to represent their values and capably serve their community.

Nater’s reputation for service is founded on his prioritizing constituents and local communities; introducing a bill to protect young people and those with disabilities from exploitation; championing small and rural communities; standing up for local small businesses, and holding the Liberals to account for their ethical failures.

“In the coming weeks, our team will be working hard to deliver our message,” Nater concluded. “There is a lot of ground to cover, but we’re looking forward to it!”