Huron Hospice Memorial Forest announced

Memorial forest

The Huron Hospice, along with the Bayfield River Valley Trail Association, has announced plans for a Memorial Forest on the property behind the residence.

Co-Chair Jay McFarlan said they have 12 acres on the property and the Memorial Forest will be located on the back six acres.

“As it currently exists, it’s meadow and natural marsh and we’ve been thinking about ways that we could use the space and contribute to our program, do something that’s relevant to hospice. And we think establishing a Memorial Forest is a great way to continue with the therapy and the outdoor space,” he explained

McFarlan said the Memorial Forest will be built around the Tranquillity Trail that’s already there and is maintained by the Bayfield River Valley Trail Association.

“A lot of the time people want to do something in memory of their loved one and this is something that’s common with a lot of people, they want to do something in memory of that loved one and planting a tree, you know, it’s a symbol of life and growth,” he added.

McFarlin said the deadline for ordering trees to be planted this fall would have to be ordered by August 31, but they’ll take tree orders year-round.

More information about the program and how to order a tree can be found on the Huron Hospice website.