Owen Sound’s Kelso Beach packed for Summerfolk Festival

(photo by Kirk Scott)

The 44th annual Summerfolk Music and Crafts Fair wrapped up Sunday night.

The three-day event over the weekend attracted thousands of people and featured a wide variety of music styles played by almost 50 acts on six stages. Summerfolk is put on by the Georgian Bay Folk Society.

President Natasha Cordic said the vibes have been great.

“It’s been wonderful, the weather’s been cooperative. The feeling, the vibe that you get here is really amazing. It’s got a great community feel like everyone’s come together and they’re really enjoying themselves,” said Cordic.

One of the groups at Summerfolk had an environmental focus. Volunteers with the “Greening Team” wanted to eliminate as much waste as possible from the site. They called it the “pollution solution”.

Greening Team crew chief Barry Randall said festivals across Canada are doing the same thing.

Barry Randall, The Greening Team crew chief at Summerfolk (photo by Kirk Scott)

“You can buy a beer container that’s refillable and is a souvenir, you can buy a refillable water bottle; you can choose to shop at the vendors that only have compostable materials and say, I don’t want your garbage. It’s a consumer-driven economy and that’s what our education and awareness campaign is meant to focus on,” said Randall.

Members of the “Greening Team” were posted at waste collection sites at Summerfolk, ensuring patrons put their trash in the proper bin, whether it be recycling or composting.  Randall said they also got great cooperation from food vendors for the initiative.