Bayfield Fair showcases new Ag. Society building

The Bayfield Agricultural Society's new animal display building. (photo by Bob Montgomery)

The 163rd edition of the Bayfield Fair was bigger and better this year.

The past president of the Bayfield Agricultural Society, Doug Yeo, said the growth can be attributed to the fact they continue to bring in different types of entertainment, including their Friesian Horse Show, which had never been held on the fairgrounds before.

The fair also provided an opportunity for them to showcase their new Animal Display building.

Yeo said the new building gives their young members a future by providing something now that they won’t have to fundraise for in the future.

“We had a building that was in bad shape, so we built an animal display building and we’ve changed it from calling a pet display to an animal display, so we’re showcasing our farm animals. And at the same time, we decided to put in an office so it’s easily accessible for the fairgoers to find someone who can give them an answer,” he said.