Protestors say Ford government is not listening to the people

Owen Sound protest Tuesday, August 13th in front of MPP Bill Walker's office. (photo by Kirk Scott)

The protests aren’t going to stop.

That’s the message from people at a rally in Owen Sound against Ford government cuts.

About 40 people paraded in front of MPP Bill Walker’s office Tuesday, demanding an end to cuts to health care, education and legal aid, to name just a few.

The rally was organized by the Grey Bruce Labour Council.

President Kevin Smith said the protests will continue.

“It’s the right thing to do. We need to fight for people. People deserve the social services that we have fought for so many years in this province and they’re not up for negotiation. They shouldn’t be stripped away,” said Smith.

Smith said the government is underfunding public services, attacking labour and employment standards legislation, weakening occupational health and safety law and placing development above the environment.  He said even though they’ll continue to protest, it doesn’t seem like the government is listening.

“They pretend they’re listening and they say they’re for the people, they say they’re listening, but everything they’re doing is against everything that we’re asking them to stop doing and fix,” he said.