(© Can Stock Photo / Bialasiewicz)

Driver fatigue causes multi-vehicle crash in Perth East

Police have now determined that an overtired driver caused a six-vehicle collision last week along Perth Line 86, east of Listowel.

Last Friday afternoon, Perth County Paramedic Services, Perth East Fire Department and OPP officers responded to the scene of a multi-vehicle collision along Line 86. Only minor injuries were reported.

Police have concluded the 74-year-old driver of a sedan travelling west on Line 86 fell asleep and struck four other vehicles travelling east, as well as a bus travelling west.

The man from Waterloo was charged with careless driving.

Perth County OPP point out that 20 per cent of fatal collisions in Canada are linked to driver fatigue, and being tired slows your reaction time, decreases awareness, and impairs judgement to a similar effect like alcohol or drugs.