Young artist receives warm welcome at Celtic Roots Festival

Mink Taylor – artist (photo by Bob Montgomery)

An artist from Huntsville says she really enjoyed her first exhibit at the Celtic Roots Festival in Goderich.

Mink Taylor said she discovered the festival last year and has been learning about her own Celtic roots and heritage.

She said last year she was totally enthralled with the festival and immediately felt she belonged and thought she could sell her paintings at the festival.

Mink Taylor – artist (photo by Bob Montgomery)

“So I started to incorporate, not all of my pieces, but some of them, I’ll put Celtic knotwork, sort of in the background, or I’ll weave it into the picture and generally I’ll try to have a blend of realism and mythology, so there’s a duality to most of my pieces that tells a little bit of a story,” she said.

Taylor said she was invited back to Goderich this year to bring her art with her.

She did sell some pieces and received a lot of positive feedback on her work.