Team Farmall members retiring from performing

The Team Farmall Dancing Tractors performed to huge crowds daily at the International Plowing Match 2018. (Photo by Angelica Haggert)

The upcoming Old Boys and Girls Reunion in Teeswater will be the final performance for Team Farmall.

The group, which was formed 11 years ago, has travelled across much of the province, performing what many have come to call “square dancing with tractors”.

The team was put together for the 2008 International Plowing Match in Teeswater, with the team originally planning to only do that one show, but the idea grew into something that would take the group across the province.

Speaking with CKNX News, Tammy Fischer said the Farmall team has grown quite close, but “it’s become something none of us could have ever dreamed it would have been.”

Fischer said although this will signal the end of the team’s travelling, she did not rule out possibly coming out of retirement “for a big event, like the Mildmay Homecoming.”