Georgian College seeks hosts for international students

The Staples (right) and their Homestay guests (left) enjoy breakfast on the back deck. Family meals are a big draw for international students looking for accommodations through the Homestay program. (Georgian College / Doug Crawford)

Georgian College is looking for friendly hosts for international students at all of the campuses including Owen Sound.

This fall, 1,200 new international students are registered to study at Georgian College.

The college would like local families to join the Homestay program or to list furnished rental units on

The Homestay program would help students learn about life in Canada – and adjust to their new community – with the help of host families. They’re looking to experience typical Canadian family dynamics, make new friends, and improve their English.

Homestay students pay between $600 to $900 a month depending on the situation.

Anyone interested in becoming a Homestay host should apply at People with furnished rooms who don’t wish to host can list their rental units on or send an email to

Homestay host Lisa Tooke has lived in a few different countries and has also travelled extensively. She’s always looking for new ways to help her two sons experience different cultures.

“We’re not able to travel the world right now so I expose them to different languages, foods and cultures whenever I can,” said Tooke. She’s hosted students from China, Japan, Brazil and Panama over the past four years and said her family has learned so much about their customs, culture and family life.”

In turn, her Homestay students have discovered what life in Canada is like from a family perspective.

“They’ve seen how I raise my two sons versus how they have been raised, which may be totally different,” said Tooke.

Tooke includes her students in all her family activities.

“We’ve gone camping and taken road trips to Manitoulin Island, Tobermory, and through Muskoka to see the fall colours. They’re part of all our celebrations,” she said.

Tooke also encourages them to take advantage of the free activities they can tap into in Barrie.

Tooke said she would totally recommend becoming a Homestay host.

“We can all learn from others and gain an awareness of different cultures and a broader look at life,” she said. “You’re sharing your life with a stranger who soon becomes a friend and family member.”

She added that most students want to be a part of everything Canadian – especially being part of a family unit.

“We’ve learned to be patient when English is not their first language, and Google Translate helps a lot when we’re stuck,” she laughed.

Tom and Maureen Staples have also hosted several international students through the Homestay program. They have seven children, but six are grown and have moved away.

“We were so used to having children around – and a full house. It was just a no brainer,” explained Maureen. “I get to have new daughters and new sons, from all over the world.”

“When you make the decision to welcome an international student into your home, you’re giving them a head start on their transition into Canadian life,” explained Marina Tomchak, who manages international student housing at Georgian. “Students require support, but many host families gain so much more than they give. Some build friendships that last a lifetime.”