Huron-Bruce NDP candidate to hold a Sunday Social

The N-D-P candidate for Huron-Bruce in this fall’s Federal election is hosting an open-to-the-public Sunday Social this Sunday in Zurich.

Lucknow-area farmer, Tony McQuail has represented the New Democrats several times at both the Federal and Provincial level over the years and identifies several issues that concern him. But his biggest concern is electoral reform.

McQuail says climate change is a big issue for him, as are things like health and education.

“My biggest concern is having a future for our children and grand children that works for people and works for the environment. So climate change is certainly a very major issue for me, but if we don’t have electoral reform, we aren’t gonna make steady progress on any of these things.”

McQuail says, under the current system, parties like the N-D-P and the Green party was being seriously under-represented. But he says Liberals in Conservative ridings and Conservatives in Liberal ridings lose their vote in every election. He contends Canada needs something that represents everybody fairly and then we can start working on what we as a community want as a majority.

The Sunday Social on Sunday will be the first of several and it will be held this Sunday from 2:30 til 5:00 at the home of Adam Blanchard and Heidi Klopp, at 72844 Blackbush Line in Zurich.