Michael Schmidt outside the Walkerton Courthouse after being granted bail, November 22nd, 2017. (Photo by Kirk Scott)

Michael Schmidt loses appeal on obstruction conviction

Durham area dairy farmer Michael Schmidt has lost his appeal of a conviction related to a confrontation at his farm in October 2015.

Provincial authorities raided Schmidt’s farm as part of their investigation into his unpasteurized milk products operation.

They had a valid search warrant but a crowd gathered and would not let a cube van full of evidence leave the property.      The authorities were forced to unload the van before they were allowed to leave.

Schmidt was charged with obstructing a peace officer carrying out legal duties.

In 2017 he was found guilty and sentenced to 60 days in jail to be served on weekends.    Schmidt appealed.

An Ontario Superior Court of Justice judge ruled videotape evidence and eyewitness accounts indicated Schmidt had a clear intention to obstruct the authorities and dismissed the appeal.

Schmidt did win his appeal of the 60 day jail sentence.    That was reduced to 30 days conditional.
He’s essentially under house arrest for that period.