$3.5 million goal for Goderich hospital upgrades

(BlackburnNews.com file photo)

Members of the Alexandra Marine and General Hospital’s ‘All In … For Your Health’ fundraising team launched the public part of their campaign at a reception Thursday in Goderich.

Fundraising Chair John Peet announced their target is 3.5 million dollars, and they’ve already raised 80 per cent of that.

The first part of the project is an upgrade to the in-patient care area for people with mental health issues. Peet says that ward opened in the 1970’s, and the needs back then were quite different from the needs of today.

“It really does need to be refurbished and re-configured for the safety of the workers and for the safety of the people that are there.   So quite a bit of work needs to be done there.   We’re hoping that we can put at least two million dollars of our funds towards that.”

John Peet – Chair, Alexandra Marine and General Hospital ‘All In – For Your Health’ fund-raising campaign. (photo by Bob Montgomery)

The other part of the fundraising is to update the C-T Scanner at the Goderich hospital.

“We actually did fund-raise for that about ten years ago, when we built a new suite, so all we’re doing now is changing the engine.   Being kind of a computer, the new one is cheaper than the old and does more.    So the resolution is better and it’s less invasive in terms of the radiation.”

The public part of the fundraising campaign will continue into the fall and Peet expects the campaign will be successful by the end of this year.