UPDATE: Graffiti threat taken seriously at Hanover school

BlackburnNews.com photo

Police are investigating after graffiti depicting threatening language was discovered at a school in Hanover.

The Hanover Police Service responded to John Diefenbaker Senior School on Tuesday after the threat was found in one of the school’s washrooms.  The graffiti message stated that an act of violence would take place on Thursday, June 13.

“The Hanover Police Service are working with school officials to ensure everyone is safe and will be increasing police presence in the coming days,” Hanover police said. “The Hanover Police Service wants to remind everyone that threats of violence are taken seriously and may result in criminal charges for those people that are identified as responsible.”

Board officials said the safety of students and staff is something that is taken very seriously and the school is communicating with parents to keep them informed.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Hanover police at 519-364-2411 as officers work to identify the source of the threat.