Virtual High School in Bayfield has Florida connection

Virtual High School Bayfield (photo by Bob Montgomery)

The director of operations for the Virtual High School in Bayfield says a project they recently completed in Florida was one of the biggest they’ve ever undertaken.

Kim Loebach said the project involved creating a large-scale elementary course development program with Florida Virtual School, starting in September of 2016.

That process involved putting in a bid, a review process and then making several presentations before the selection was made in August of 2016.  Then they had to write and develop 48 different courses.

Kim Loeback – Director of Operations, Virtual High School, Bayfield (photo by Bob Montgomery)

“What it involved was working collaboratively with Florida Virtual School to write, design and develop kindergarten to grade five content across eight different subject area, one of which was Spanish,” she said.  To my knowledge, it’s one of the largest course development projects to ever take place in such a short time frame.”

Loebach said going from 40 people operating an online school to 120 people to build out the suite of courses required them to refine what they did, but also showed the rest of the world they could do it.

It’s also opened up new opportunities to work with other partners.