Bruce Power supports Brain Tumour Foundation

Bruce Power donates to Brain Tumour Foundation

The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada welcomed a $150,000 donation from Bruce Power as part of a three-year commitment.

Bruce Power is promising $300,000 by 2020 and the donation was bumped even higher when an extra $50,000 was raised by Bruce Power and its supplier partners in the lead-up to the annual Bruce Power Charity Golf Tournament.

James Scongack, Bruce Power’s executive vice president of corporate affairs & operational services, said the company values its relationship with Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada because of the lives it impacts at the grassroots level and aligns well with the company’s role as a Global supplier, through Nordion, of medical grade Cobalt used to treat brain tumours.

“Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada does amazing work with families who are facing some of the most challenging times imaginable,” Scongack said. “While Bruce Power cannot be on the frontlines with these families, we are proud to support an organization that educates and assists Canadians in their times of need and we will also remain a key provider of essential medical grade Cobalt.”

Bruce Power is a leading supplier of medical-grade and sterilization Cobalt-60 isotopes, which help treat cancer and ensure the safety of medical tools used throughout the world’s health care system.

“The partnership allows Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada to boost awareness, develop innovative technologies, and support those on a journey with a brain tumour,” said Susan Marshall, chief executive officer. “Every day, 27 Canadians are diagnosed with a brain tumour, and all face limited treatment options.

“Sadly they are also the leading cause of cancer death in children. This is why we at Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada are so heartened by our partnership with Bruce Power, whose unstinting support helps make all the difference. Our goal is to help brain tumour patients and survivors live longer, better, and with hope. Because of the generosity of Bruce Power, whose contributions help fund critical research projects, we are able to bring hope to patients and families across Canada,” said Marshall.