Stephen and Mary Acsai (photo by Kirk Scott)

Spotlight shines on Grey County paramedics

Grey County paramedics were honoured for saving lives at a reception in Owen Sound Thursday.

An appreciation luncheon was held as part of Paramedic Services week and some of the paramedics got to meet the people they saved.

Last December Stephen Acsai was in his garage near Dundalk when he had a heart attack.  His wife Mary was there and Stephen had stopped breathing. She tried to help and called 911. Paramedics arrived, applied CPR and he was rushed to hospital.

“Thank you, everybody,” said Stephen.

“That’s for sure,” added Mary, “a big big big thanks. They came, took over and it was good. Thank you.”

Jessie and James Wilmer (photo by Kirk Scott)

In March of this year, James Wilmer had a heart attack while driving in Ayton. He managed to stop and doesn’t remember much after that, other than what he’s been told.

A passerby was first on the scene.

“He gave me CPR and then the paramedics and a police officer was there and a nurse,” said Wilmer. “A defibrillator they had and I was rushed to the hospital and was saved. And here I am today.”

Grey County’s director of paramedic services, Kevin McNab, said saving lives is their job.

“It’s really about helping people.  That’s why we’re here.  Everybody that gets into this job [is] doing it for that reason,” said McNab. “We’re so happy to be here and we’re happy to be part of this team.”