Beer ( file photo by Jason Viau)

Local Brewer welcomes corner store sales

The founder of MacLean’s Ales in Hanover would welcome changes to the way beer is distributed in the province.

The government is working on getting beer sold in convenience stores and grocery stores, limiting the monopoly of the Brewers Retail.

Charles MacLean said it makes sense for craft brewers to have more stores to sell in.

“It’s better for the producers to have more avenues to sell their products. It gives us a more level playing field so I would be in favour of that,” said MacLean.

Currently, craft brewers have to buy shelf space from Brewers Retail. That’s a province-wide arrangement. They have to deal with individual LCBO’s to market their products.

MacLean said in past negotiations, smaller outlets have promised 25 per cent shelf space for craft brewers.