West Grey police expand mental health services

The West Grey Police Service is working to keep an open dialogue when it comes to mental health issues.

The force has launched a new confidential therapy service for police staff, couples and their families. The contracted psychotherapist has been in private practice since 1993 and specializations in trauma, PTSD, and first responders. She will assist the West Grey Police Service with an occupational stress injury and PTSD prevention plan.

Each member has access to short term counselling, life coaching services, referrals, and online resources. That includes an e-service tool to assist with depression and anxiety that our members or their loved ones may be experiencing.

The West Grey Police Service has committed to yearly mental health training for all staff.

• Improving short-term performance and long-term mental health outcomes.

• Reducing barriers to care and encouraging early access to care.

• Providing the tools and resources required to manage and support employees who may be experiencing a mental illness.

• Assisting supervisors in maintaining their own mental health as well as promoting positive mental health in their employees.

” Our team of officers have a far greater understanding of mental health issues and are much better equipped to recognize when they need help, ” said Media Relations Officer Cst. Cory Trainor.

He says the commitment to on-going training and new partnerships help make it easier for members to access resources for themselves and their families. It is evident that the conversations are changing and that significant progress has been made within the West Grey police service.

Improving access to mental health services was important to the leadership of the service who recognized that police officers often work in a high-stress environment and are exposed to traumatic events. It was imperative to make resources available so that our officers can go home to their families healthy, physically and mentally.