SVCA putting down roots for nearly 70 years

(Left to right) Nathalie Lennox, seasonal staff; Aaran Swayze, Forest Technician; Brian Oberle, seasonal staff (photo courtesy of Saugeen Conservation)

The province’s cancellation of the 50 Million Tree Program is not slowing down Saugeen Conservation, but the weather is.

The conservation authority had ordered over 110,000 trees and will be planting at least 70,000 this spring through the Trees Ontario 50 Million Program.

Forestry Coordinator Donna Lacey said, unfortunately, the cancellation of the incentive program will result in a vast decline in reforestation efforts in coming years.

In the meantime, planting crews will continue working across the watershed until all the trees are planted.

“It’s been a very late, wet spring,” said Lacey. “Tree planting efforts have been slow going due to the amount of rain and saturated conditions.  We’re doing our best, however, to get all the trees into the ground as soon as possible.”

The Forestry Department will be working with landowners this spring regarding woodlot services and Managed Forest Tax Incentive Programs.