North Huron Reeve wants meeting on future of Wingham airport

Richard R. Levan Municipal Airport, Wingham. (North Huron photo)

The Township of North Huron has passed a motion to seek a joint meeting with the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry and Huron County to examine the costs to operate and maintain the Richard R. LeVan Airport.

Located on the eastern edge of Wingham, but entirely within Morris-Turnberry, the airstrip is operating at a loss and does not provide any tax benefits to North Huron, according to Reeve Bernie Bailey.

Bailey said that Morris-Turnberry is enjoying the use of the airport, but is not paying anything to support it, something North Huron’s Reeve wants to rectify through a meeting between the two councils to discuss financial implications associated with the airport.

Bailey said the airport is costing taxpayers over $100,000 per year to maintain, money he feels could be better spent, noting the airport also provides no tax benefits to North Huron.

North Huron staff will discuss the possibility of a joint meeting with Morris-Turnberry and the County of Huron.