Huron County’s Clean Water Project expands

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Huron County’s Clean Water Project has now been expanded to include funding for upgrades to faulty septic systems.

Ausable Bayfield Stewardship Manager Kate Monk said the funding for this year should allow them to help with about 20 systems.

“This includes funding, a 50 per cent grant up to $2,000, to help people with the cost of repairing or new septic systems where their old systems are having an impact on surface water or groundwater,” said Monk. “We have a lot of old homes and cottages along the shoreline and throughout the country-side that rely on septic systems, and the thing about septic systems is that they’re an issue every day that they operate, so we would like to do what we can to replace some of those systems.”

Anyone wishing to apply can contact either the Maitland Valley or Ausable Bayfield conservation authorities.