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Perth County MOH sees opportunities with health units merger

The province has announced some information about the merger of health units, including the Huron and Perth health units amalgamating with Grey-Bruce.

Dr. Miriam Klassen, the medical officer of health for Perth County, said there will be a total of ten regional health units — Toronto being the largest one, six with a population of more than one million people, and three, including the Huron-Perth-Grey-Bruce unit, with a population under 1 million.

She explained the Huron-Perth-Grey-Bruce unit will be a fairly large unit geographically, and that will mean increased complexity to manage.

“There will be some opportunities too of enhanced capacity with a larger regional health entity,” said Klassen. “There’s again the opportunity to have more skill sets and backup incapacity.”

A new Huron-Perth-Grey-Bruce health unit gets a break as far as cost-sharing with the province.

“In terms of the changes to the cost-sharing between the province and the municipality, we would switch to a 70-30 split and stay there, rather than move up to a 70-40, so the municipalities will have an opportunity then, to plan for that change,” said Klassen.

While Toronto will eventually go to a 50-50 split with the province, and the other larger units will eventually go to 70-40.