Local High School Students hope to expand on Bayfield plastic project

(© Can Stock Photo / NorGal)

44 students and four teachers from South Huron District High School paid a visit to the village of Bayfield this week to find out more about the Blue Bayfield project that has significantly reduced the use of single-use plastics in Bayfield.

Teacher Amanda Keller explains, “It’s exciting because we have a sustainability of eco-systems unit in the grade nine curriculum for science, so then we said wouldn’t it be great if, instead of talking about it, we actually did something and made a difference in the community. So the kids are totally on board for that because they want to actually make a difference in their own community.”

Keller says the kids immediately bought into the idea and are excited about bringing a program to Exeter.

Keller says, “We had two grade nine science classes and a grade nine business class with us and there’s also a grade eleven business class that’s gonna help us start a project for Exeter to start up a little bit of an awareness campaign and then we’re going to do a fund-raiser, which will include stainless steel straws and reusable produce bags as our first step.”

Keller adds the second step will involve students contacting local businesses to hear about some of the things they’re already doing and, in some cases, make suggestions about other things they might be interested in trying to help them go plastic-free.

Keller says the students do appreciate the fact that going plastic-free increases the costs for a business and part of the challenge will be getting businesses to accept that cost.

Keller says they’ll be posting updates on their progress on the South Huron District High School Facebook page.