Bruce County reapplies for disaster funding for Chesley bridge

( photo by Jeff Irwin)

Bruce County council is asking the provincial government to reconsider its application for disaster relief funding for the reconstruction of the Chesley Main Street Bridge.

Director of Corporate Services Bettyanne Cobean said the first application was rejected by the province because eligible costs did not meet the $1.29 million threshold to trigger disaster relief funding.

Cobean said the first application was based on cost estimates, but they will now ask the province to reconsider the request using actual costs.

“We’ve now built the bridge, and we have a better understanding of the final costs, not that they’ve changed significantly, but just that we’ve been able to capture all of the costs that were related to [reconstruction],” said Cobean. “Now we’re going to be re-submitting again and hope we meet that eligibility threshold.”

Cobean said the second attempt at securing disaster relief funds comes as the province cancelled the 2018 and 2019 intakes of the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund, which the county had hoped to make use of to cover some of the $3.2 million price tag for the bridge.

The Chesley Main Street Bridge closed to traffic last month in order to complete final construction work and is expected to re-open in late June.