Owen Sound asks residents to plan for emergencies

(BlacburnNews.com stock photo)

The City of Owen Sound is marking Emergency Preparedness Week by asking residents “Are You Ready?”

The campaign is aimed at increasing awareness of individual and family preparedness across Canada

Owen Sound Engineering Services Administrator Heidi Jennen says it is important to learn about possible emergencies and be prepared.

Jennen reminds people to have an emergency kit ready to help you and your family stay safe until emergency responders arrive.

You also should stay informed with the most up to date weather notifications.

“Working together with community leaders, first responders, non-government organizations and all levels of government, we can build a more resilient and safer Canada,” said Jennen.

This year during Emergency Preparedness Week, Owen Sound Fire & Emergency Services staff and the Community Emergency Management Coordinator (CEMC) will be visiting OSDSS and St. Mary’s High School for the first OSEM (Owen Sound Emergency Management) Race! A spinoff of the Amazing Race, students will learn the importance of emergency planning in a fun and interactive way.