Perth Wellington MPP welcomes move to increase affordable housing

Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece. (Submitted photo)

Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece expects his government’s Housing Supply Action plan will address the severe shortage of affordable housing in the riding.

Pettapiece said if the legislation is passed, it will make it easier to build rental housing, such as secondary suites like basement apartments, as well as large apartment buildings.

Pettapiece said the current system is complex and difficult to navigate, and the delays, fees and red tape can add thousands of dollars to the average cost for a home.

He added the plan will encourage builders to construct a mix of different types of housing – from family-sized condos, starter townhouses, to mid-rise rentals to help people get into homes.

Pettapiece said building more housing will also make Perth County and the surrounding areas more attractive to businesses and investors, proving Ontario is open for business and open for jobs.