Bruce Power’s MCR project extends to Goderich industry

Akromold of Goderich and Laker Energy of Oakville announce a partnership Wednesday, May 1st at Plant 2 in Goderich (photo by Bob Montgomery)

A small industry in Goderich is now part of the supply chain for Bruce Power.

Akromold has signed a contract with Laker Energy of Oakville to supply components for the assemblies that Laker Energy is delivering to Bruce Power.

Akromold co-owner Derek Langtry said the deal gives them the ability to expand their mold-making facility, which he says is at capacity now.

Derek Langtry – co-owner, Akromold (photo by Bob Montgomery)

“We started to talk and see if there was a way we could make a business case for setting this facility up and probably in July we inked the deal to say we’ll be a supplier to Laker,” he said. “There was a contract, I think, for eleven different components we’re going to be making, and here we are today.”

They currently have three full-time people at their Plant 2 in Goderich and they hope to have a total of ten through the five-year term of the contract.
The announcement was made Wednesday at the Akromold Plant 2 in Goderich.

Laker Energy Products, which last year signed $144 million in advance manufacturing agreements for Bruce Power’s Major Component Replacement Project, will collaborate with Akromold to manufacture precision-machined components for the end fittings, liners and flow elements that Laker will deliver to Bruce Power.

Akromold specializes in the design and manufacture of complex injection, transfer, compression and injection transfer molds for rubber and silicone components used in the aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, electrical and defence industries.